I use Aprx from many years and I think it’s one of the most complete and flexible APRS Software available. Nevertheless, every time that a sysop wants to check his aprx node, he has to check the log and try to analyze it. Even simple operations, like check if a certain callsign has been heard by the node, could be cumbersome.

In case of monitoring or troubleshooting, I usually download the log file and then import it in excel and then analyze it by filters and other useful functions.

Before Aprx, I used for many years the aprsd daemon, and it implemented a simple but very useful web interface with simple reports. While I was remembering that interface, I thought that a web interface could be useful for aprx too, and I started to google for this kind of software, hoping to find a plug&play solution.
I was very surprised to find something. I tried just a pair of interfaces, then I choosed “aprx simple webstat“, written by Peter, SQ8VPS.

This is a simple statistics and information generator for APRX software, which allows to monitor load, frames, stations details, statistics from selected time window and more.

I quickly downloaded and installed it. I got it working after few minutes, because I already had lighttpd server installed on my raspberry, so just did a quick configurazion of the log file path and other few things.

I started to use it and I liked it very much. I contacted Peter by email, and I congrats with him for his nice work. Peter is a young OM from Poland, he still attends school but he’s very clever and has very good programming skills and know-how about aprs.
He was very surprised and happy that someone was using his interface!
We had a nice opinions exchange and he asked me for new ideas for improving the interface.

Thanks to this renewed enthusiasm, I started to propose the improvements and he started to implement my ideas and releasing new versions.
I always intend hamradio hobby like an opportunity to explore and learn new things, so I decided to take this occasion to learn php.
I already developed something in jsp, but php was a quite new language for me, and it was a challenging activity.
In the meantime, Peter became very busy with school, driving license and other things, so, in the last period, I developed some new features and bug fix by myself and Peter did the “merge” on github.
Hereafter, I breafly explain the main functions of the Software:

  • Polish and English language
  • Possibility to monitor multiple radio interfaces
  • Possibility to show cusom info and custom logo file on the bottom of the page (edit “custom.php” file, which can contain HTML and PHP code)
  • Management of SSnN “State” abbreviations aliases;
  • Counters of:
    – total frames in log
    – frames received by radio
    – frames transmitted on radio
    – frames received from APRS-IS
    – received frames/sec (calculated on last 20 frames)
    – transmitted frames/sec (calculated on last 20 frames)
Figure 1 : homepage – first part with custom.php


  • System status table (reads parameters directly from OS):
    – OS version
    – kernel version
    – Aprx version
    – System uptime
    – CPU temperature
    – CPU frequency
  • Aprx config table (read parameters directlty from aprx.conf):
    – Beacon interval
    – APRS-IS server
    – Location coordinates
    – Tx active/not-active
    – Number of radio ports
    – Digipeater active/not-active


Figure 2 : Home page – tables view


  • Heard station list table (observation period selectable by the user in a drop-down list)
    – Heard Callsign
    – N. of packets heard for callsign
    – Direct link for showing the station on aprs.fi
    – Static/moving indicator
    – Via indicator (digi/direct/digi+direct)
    – Raw packet view for each callsign

Figure 3 : home page – station list view


  • Station details page:
    – N. of frames totally heard
    – Last position frame heard
    – Station position (lat,long, distance and bearing from your location)
    – Frame comment
    – Frame type (normal/Mic-e)
    – Station symbol
    – Frame digipeating path
    – Transmitting device (device list can be updated by dedicated file. Both new and  legacy Mic-e devices are included)
    – Last status frame heard
    – Status field

Figure 4 : station details page


  • RAW FRAMES page: log of raw frames received from a specific station
Figure 5 : RAW packets page


  • Possibility to sort the table in ascending or descending order on each colum.
  • Live monitor page: ajax page for watching ax25 traffic in realtime. Fields are coloured for better readings
Figure 6 : AX25 Live traffic page


You can see my APRX Simple Webstat interface at work here: http://iz7boj.ampr.org/aprx.html

The github repository with SW installation instruction is here: https://github.com/sq8vps/aprx-simplewebstat

Note1: This is a BETA software. It can contain some bugs and may be written in non-efficient way. Please contact authors if you find any bug.

Note2: Project is free for non-commercial use. You can modify and publish this software, but you have to put an information about original authors.

I hope that aprx users could install and enjoy this interface.

For any further details or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

I would like to say thanks to my colleague Peter SQ8VPS, which thought, developed and mantained this beautiful interface.


Alfreo IZ7BOJ