After the launch of ESEO, at the end of 2018, Daniel Estevez released his beautiful GNURadio decoder:

I started to use it and tried to do some optimization.

After some hours spent in “trial and error” I’ve found this two tricks to improve the success of decoding satnogs recording files:

1) Decrease the “Multiply Const” from 1 to 0,7 (Daniel Estevez already talked about the big gain of satnogs recording)

2) Increase the cutoff frequency of Lowpass Filter from original 4,8KHz to 5,2KHz (sometimes 5,3KHz)

Moreover, Dr. Chris Bridges suggested me to add a HighPass filter with a cutoff-frequency of 50Hz.


I tried this modifications with this satnogs observation: and the decoded packets increased from 235 (original configuration) to 322 .

I hope this suggestions can be useful to other people who want to use eseo decoder.


Alfredo IZ7BOJ