Recently, I built a “hands-free” microphone for my car, and I had to connect it to my Yaesy FT-2. I bought a standard 4-poles 3,5mm jack and I tried it, but it didn’t work. Neither the PTT was working, so I supposed it was not suitable for my radio.

I compared it with the original yaesu jack of a CT-44 adapter, and the difference was evident. See the following picture:

jack 4 poli_mod

The metal plate indicated with the red arrow, interferes with the jack hole of the radio, so it doesn’t completely plug into the radio.

The solution was to use a cellular 4-poles jack. I cutted it and soldered the wires. See  this picture:


Then, I had to cover it in some way. I decided to put glue and heatshrink tube.

I used this epoxy glue:


I mixed the two components and applied on the connector:

Then I cut a piece of heatshrink tube and shrinked it with a heat gun:

I waited a couple of hours for the complete drying of the glue. Here below there is the final result:


I’m using it every day and it’s perfect!